I say a little prayer – Present simple/continuous

12 Ago

Level: A2

Time: 20-30 min.


Here’s a song I’m sure you all know. It’s not only a beautiful classic, but also a great song to practice both the present simple and present continuous tenses.

First, let your students listen to the song for the first time and ask them what the song  is about.

Put the scraps from the first paragraph on the table, and let the students put them in the correct order while they’re listening to it. Let them listen as many times as necessary.

Then, hand out the lyrics and play the song again, so they can fill in the gaps.

Finally, correct as a group and help them translate the words.

Time to sing along!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Scraps ‘I say a little prayer’ 

Lyrics ‘I say a little prayer’





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