8 Jun


Today I’ve prepared a lesson on British currency and money in general.

1- Ask your students how much money they have in their pockets/purses in this very moment. Teach them how to pronounce “euro” properly.

2- Listening comprehension.

a) Listen to the conversation at Don’t let them read the script yet. What was the conversation about?

b) Listen again, following the conversation with the script. Check any new expressions (you can actually click on some of them, which will lead you to an explanation and example).

c) Do the 2 activities on the right of the script. They’ll help students remember the new expressions.

3. Match the money. Download the worksheet here: Skillswise. Just cut up the prices and let them match words with numbers.

4. Calculate the cost. Use this short worksheet as a game or competition. The first to calculate the exact cost will be the winner. There’s a higher level option, in case you find this one too easy for your students.

5. Money Quiz. Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Change Game. Great game where you’re at the till in a store and have to calculate the exact change you have to give to the customer.


Here’s a list of money games you can also use: Money Games.




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